About ACD

ACD is a Family Owned business which opened in November 2017, after the owner, who has provided in-home child care in Astoria for over 10 years, noticed a lack of activities, classes, and play for parents and children to enjoy on a daily basis.  ACD is proud to support moms and dads who themselves are entrepreneurs in the children arts/activity fields. Our goal is to provide a safe and educational space for children to learn and grow through exploring, music, dance and, most of all, PLAY!

Class Overview

BabyBand Stand

Ages 0-5 years

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Baby Bandstand provides hands-on speech and language enrichment classes with music for ages 0-5 years and their caregivers. Created by a professional singer with training in theatre and speech language pathology along with a certified speech language pathologist, Baby Bandstand believes in using music to help children form an early foundation for strong speech, literacy, language and social skills. 

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Preschool Alternative Drop Off

8:30am-11:30am Option

11:30am-2:30pm Option

Ages 2.5 - 4 years


ACD Preschool Alternative program provides the next step for preschool-aged children. We will focus on literacy and numeracy and basic Preschool Concepts through classroom discussions, circle time, art projects, movement, and more. Children will also be exposed to Daily Enrichment Classes such as STEM, MUSIC, DANCE and SIGN LANGUAGE already included in this 3 hour drop-off class. Our program is enriching, exploring areas such as arts and crafts, music, creative STEAM activities, as well as creative play, free-play, peer-play, board games and other entertainment helps your child grow and learn through play.

Little Experiences

3 Options Available

Little Einstein Experience (20 Monthly Classes)

Little Brainiac Experience (12 Monthly Classes)

Little Genius Experience (5 Monthly Classes)

Trial Class Package (8 Classes)


Parents must remain in the class.

Choose from Classes such as:

Baby Bandstand

Petite Ballroom Dancing

STEM w/ Snapology

Movement & Development w/Beyond Play

Sign Language w/My Baby Fingers

FunikiJam Music


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Sign & Sing w/My Baby Fingers

Ages 3 months - 3 years

Registration is OPEN

Become an early partner with your child as together you dance with the words of ASL (American Sign Language). Both your fingers and hands and your child’s fingers and hands can create meaning in the air as you silently exchange messages in sign language. For your child, this dance will activate formative links in the developing brain; teach phonics, vocabulary, word recognition, and comprehension.

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Spanish & Singing w/ Miss Virginia

3 Week Semester

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Spanish play group. Children will enjoy books, songs, learn letters, numbers, shapes and most important PLAY!

Toddler Sensory Class

Ages 2-3years

Semester Class Only

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Sensory focused classes support your child at the stage of development that they are in. 

Give your little one the chance to explore there colors, numbers and shapes through food. 

Allow your child more practice in developmentally appropriate social situations that leave them more social adept and well rounded.

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Meet the Animals Sensory Workshop

Live Animals

Ages 1 year - 4 years


Come & Meet the Animals here at ACD! Your child will learn and have hands on interactions with the amazing animals each class. Each workshop will include a story and crafts as well as an interactive puppet show.

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Astoria Parent Child

Inspired by Waldorf Education

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In our Parent-Child Program, each session guides parents in recognizing and supporting their children’s emerging interests and abilities. *Astoria Parent Child* expert and nurturing teacher create a loving and safe environment for babies and toddlers to engage in free, self-initiated play. Simple toys made of natural materials, such as wood and wool, allow children to deeply explore their senses and capacities. Activities include bread baking, and learning songs and finger games to use at home to enliven children’s imagination. Adults will find a welcoming environment to share questions, experiences, and insights about their children and their own development as parents / caregivers. Conversations and observations invite parents / caregivers to reflect on ways to navigate parenting with care and respect for their children and themselves, and to nourish and strengthen their family life.


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Art Stories

Ages 1.5 years - 3 years

Semester Class Only

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We will start with a story/circle time each week. The book we read will be the inspiration for our art project! Includes Books such as: The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see?. Doing art helps to develop fine motor skills, social and emotional, and cognitive skills, besides being messy and fun! We will glue, paint, color and express ourselves with our art projects!

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